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How it helps

‘Usability’ and ‘accessibility’ are only two factors of many that shape behavior

‘Usability’ and ‘accessibility’ are only two factors of many that shape behavior


A common saying in design is to ‘fall in love with the problem’, but how do we know which problem is the right one to solve? This map shows us what factors we could be designing for to drive real behavior change.


Every role in a design team is important. This map helps us see that efforts everywhere from marketing to development are in service of affecting behaviors of our audience. With this map, we can place them all in one place where we can see what we have already accomplished, and where we can go from here.

Why it’s unique


Synthesize the entire field of behavior science

The field of behavior science is massive and multi-disciplinary. Behavioral economics is just one part of this field. If we don’t incorporate insights from across the field, our designs will never reach their full potential to drive positive change.


open source

Most behavior change tools are trapped behind paywalls or consulting groups looking for a competitive advantage. We feel strongly that everyone should have access to these insights so they can design the world they believe in. Every tool we publish will forever remain open source.